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Exporting and sharing visualisations

NumberLens allows you to publish your visualisations to your cloud file store, download to your device or send them via email directly from the system.

Exporting your visualisations

Before you create your export you can resize the chart using a drag and drop interface to the exact dimensions you require.

Once set to the correct size your chart can be saved to an image, PDF document or Scalable Vector Graphics file before being downloaded, emailed or uploaded to your cloud file store (currently Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive although additional providers can be added on request).

You may also use the data export feature to additionally export the underlying data used to generate your charts and reports. Export options for data are the same as those for charts.

Exporting charts
Posting charts

Sharing your visualisations

Charts and reports are given a unique web address which you may choose to make available without users having to log in. You may embed charts and reports in websites or link to them directly.

Using the Team version of the system you can share your charts securely with members of your team. Team members can add new charts and work on existing charts and export them.

Each time you log in you will be notified of any new charts that have been added to your account and of any changes to exiting charts including details of who made the changes and when they were made.

NumberLens provides a facility enabling you to post your visualisations to your Social Media channels. Currently you may post to Facebook and Twitter. Additional Social channels may be added on request.